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Driving doesn't have to be scary. Martin Auto School makes it simple with our driving lessons. You can attend a course through our local driving school to learn all you need to know about operating a motor vehicle. Whether you're learning to drive with your dad's stick shift or your mom's minivan, you can count on us to help you get your license.

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What makes Martin Auto School right for you?

We've been training new drivers since 1983. Our team features over nine instructors and nine cars. We're licensed and accredited by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Explore the kinds of driving lessons we offer

You can choose a one-week driving course or a two-week driving course. Our two-week course is typically available on a more frequent basis. Both courses cover all the basics when it comes to driving. Our driver's education class is encouraging and informative.

Your driving instructor will:

Walk you through the rules of the road
Teach you about right-of-way
Take you out on the road to practice

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